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Putting a new roof on your home or business costs a lot of money. Before you write that first check, make sure you have carefully evaluated the Miami roofing contractor you have hired to do the job.

Here are some important things to consider before you select a local Miami roofing company. (The criteria you use may not include all of these, but you can pick a few to focus on.)

• They should be able to show you their Florida Roofing Contractors License.

• They should be able to prove they have current worker's compensation coverage and general liability insurance coverage. You can ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate that will show their policy to be current. If they don't have proper insurance, you may be responsible for an accident that occurs during the job.

• Most larger roofers have a separate place of business that they operate from. They should at least have a local business license number and a federal tax ID number for tax reporting.

Roofers fixing a Miami roof• Make sure this roofer has the installation experience with the type of roof you want to install. If you want a tile or metal roof, you don't want to hire a company that only has experience with asphalt shingles. Or if you want a specific brand of asphalt shingles installed, some shingle manufacturers have an approved list of local roofers they recommend to install their product.

• Find out who will actually be doing the work. You want to have trained and experienced workers. Find out who will be in charge of the project on site.

• Find out the details of the manufacturer's warranty and if the contractor gives a warranty that will cover the workmanship of the installation. Manufacturers may not warranty an improperly installed roof.

• Check out their completed projects. Go take a look at some of their work. They will provide you with some references of recent clients you can contact. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been a large number of complaints against the company.

• Some companies offer maintenance programs. If this is of importance to you, you may want to select a Miami-Dade County contractor that will visit and inspect your roof on a regular basis.

• When the time comes to sign a contract, make sure everything you talked about is in the contract. You want it to include a complete description of the work involved including when the project will start, when it will be completed, how and when payment will be made, what materials will be installed, how will debris be cleaned up and other specifics.

With some effort on your part, you can find a Miami roof contractor with the training, knowledge and experience to help you with selecting the right roof for your property and then installing it in a professional manner.
Here are a couple you can check out today:

Roof-Tech is a Miami roofing contractor providing new roofs and roof repairs in South Florida. They can handle any problems or remodels on your tile, shingle or flat, low-sloped commercial roofs.

Miami Roofing is a source for roof replacements and spot repairs for shingle, tile, flat and metal roofs of commercial and residential property owners.

Distinguished Contracting Group is a Florida State Certified General and Roofing Contractors company servicing Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties for all types of repairs, replacement or new construction.

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